How to Write Better

We are all writers now. Whether you write books, blog posts, emails, Instagram captions, or text messages, you are a writer. here are a few tips to help you write more effectively.

  • Participate in writing competitions

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to put pen to paper, you could always try enrolling in writing competitions. There are innumerable writing competitions that award all sorts of writing forms, so keep a lookout for the ones that match your style and genre of writing.

  • Invest time to your writing

Work with the clock, and discover a suitable time after your job to work on your book. Great writers get the best of their ideas in the dead of the night, so if you are dreaming away an awesome plot, wake yourself up and jot it down immediately.

  • Stay positive

The secret to having a healthy mind is to ensure a positive attitude and not get hurt by bad reviews. Take every book review you receive in a positive way; this will help you understand how to better your writing for your next big release.

  • The technical aspects

Your novel is not finished until it is finished, and that includes the many technical aspects of editing, proofreading and designing the cover. These are the little ingredients that, when mixed together in the right proportions, make a big difference to the finish of your book.

  • Improve your vocabulary

To fill your novel with complex sentence structures, you must make it a point to learn new words every day. The better your vocabulary, the better will be your style of writing. You could even try building up new words and giving the meaning in footnotes. Remember, the best way to write great stuff is to get inspired by reading books that improve your writing skill.

  • Take advantage of online tools

The age of the Internet is a blessing for writers. Gone are the boring processes one had to go through to get their book written, edited, designed and published. Now, everything can be done with a few clicks, which has given rise to the art of self-publishing. Remember to ensure you have a decent internet connection and are aware of the many tools authors can utilize to get their novels published faster.

  • Take a Break

Great authors take their writing seriously; it is as good as a profession as it is their passion. But, if you approach writing as a task that has to be forcibly done every day just so you manage to write a chapter or two, you will never be able to better your skills as an author. Do what every other professional at any other job would do take a break! Sometimes, doing no work at all can prove to be the best way to improve your knowledge about those little things that make your writing skills better.

  • Take a retreat

It’s time to pack your bags. Traveling is another wonderful thing to do if you need to refresh your senses. Visiting a new place, or simply taking a retreat, will instantly give your creative brain a new blank canvas to structure stories in.

  • Be Socialize

Confused over what character to add to your story? Step out and make new friends! The best fictional characters and character traits come from real people, so get social and have conversations with random people at random places. The best places for a writer to do so are book clubs and book cafes.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. Follow Lone Thread Books to learn more about reading, writing, and publishing.

| By, Aswy Hanna Paul, Lone Thread Books. |



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